Muhammad Asgher
2 min readJun 8, 2021

Positive Reflection

Positive Reflection

I applied for Amal fellow on the suggestion of my brother. When I started my journey as an Amal fellow. After orientation I became so excited to be part of Amal but I had no idea that this decision of mine can change my way of perceiving things completely.

Believe me there are a lot of things, discussions and incidents that have a serious impact on my way of thinking but I am writing about the most effective one.

Before Amal, I was not good at communication. I had a lack of positive attitude towards myself and a growth mindset, low confidence related to my career. I was such an introverted and insecure person that I couldn’t stand criticism. I felt that I had no future. I was unable to achieve my goals.

My routine life is so tough. But from the Amal fellowship I only believe that in any situation I will not quit. This makes my life change. The co-operation of Sir Zaki, Ma’am Iqra and My fellow group members motivates me a lot. Using Amal’s ideas in an interview, I got a job. Although my life is tough, I am satisfied with my life. I am motivated for my future.

So In Amal we have learned about how to give feedback and feedback is a gift. It literally LITERALLY changes the insecure me into the one who loves to have feedback and to improve herself.

Our facilitator gives us feedback on every project on a weekly basis and it feels so good that instead of just giving us feedback they appreciate our efforts first.